Apparently the Dashielle Snow fight over McDonald’s allegedly using his work without permission as part of the interior decor for their restaurants wasn’t enough to get McDonald’s to up its copyright/permissions clearance game as now, new allegations of improper co-opting for commercial purposes have been made by some New York street artists.  Artnet news reports on these new allegations stating that in advertising its New York Bagel Supreme in the Netherlands, McDonald’s hired some members of the Bushwick Collective to create a mural campaign which McDonald’s then featured in a video promoting the art… and McDonald’s.  

Unfortunately, in filming the commercial featuring the murals McDonald’s paid for, the advertising also featured shots included work by other street artists that McDonald’s did not get permission to use.  The problems here are obvious and extend beyond the most notable – copyright violation – to potential claims for false endorsement, damages to work and reputation, and improper profits garnered from unauthorized use of the street artists’ works.

As reported by Artnet, while McDonald’s has taken down the advertising, you can view in here where Vandalog has preserved the video on their Facebook page.  From the Vandalolg article on the piece:

To sum up, McDonald’s used the work of at least five (but possibly dozens) of artists in an advertisement without their permission or any payment, and it appears that Ficalora has put his stamp of approval on all of it, even giving a false impression of being involved in murals that he had nothing to do with.

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